Why They Want To Destroy PewDiePie

As you may be aware, the biggest star of YouTube is being shut down. His name is PewDiePie and he is big. Really big. Starting from nothing and mostly working on his own, he has more than 54 million subscribers and 14 billion views.


So why is he being shut down?

The official reason is because he is a racist but if you look at the so-called “evidence” it seems like an over-reaction at best.

So why is he REALLY being shut down?

Because he is a threat to the system.

How can this be? His videos are harmless time wasters. They are mildly entertaining.

He is NOT a threat because of his videos. He is a threat because he is self-made. He created his own platform. He built it by himself. He was appointed to be a stat. He made himself into one. He is not beholden to the powers that be.

And this is why he is a threat. If he can make it big on his own, why can’t others? Why does anyone need to be controlled and constrained by the main stream media system? They don’t. And the powers that be know it. PewDiePie is a living example that you don’t need them. He is a threat by his very example. And THAT is hwy they want to destroy PewDiePie.