Why The More We Wake Up, The Worse it Gets

Have you ever noticed that, at least for a while, the more you wake up the worse it gets both in your own life and in seeing ever greater evil?

Well, the evil is simply what was always there so that is inevitable, as for why your life tends to get worse for a while here is my suspicion. They want us so deep into our wounds that even if we start to wake up we immediately start to self sabotage ourselves. Further, at least until we understand what is going on, the MORE we wake up the MORE we self sabotage ourselves.

Why? Because it is literally built into the program. It is held deeply in our subconscious mind. Further, the more you wake up the DEEPER you wake up the deeper the and more destructive the self sabotage programs that are fired off. What great way to keep us down! Talk about diabolical! The devil knows his business!

If you read Cathy O’Brien’s book “The Trance Formation of America” she talked about how her daughter, Kelly, was so deeply mind controlled that even the THOUGHT of rebelling would cause her to have asthma attacks. In other words, to destroy herself. In fact, for many slaves even the THOUGHT of rebellion in ANY way would instantly kill them. The ultimate self sabotage!

This way we get massively discouraged form even attempting to wake up more and we become a warning to others- “Stay asleep. You wouldn’t want to be like Johnny. Look at what happened to him when he woke up.”

Further, we have a very clever vicious cycle at work: the more you wake up the more you self sabotage, the more you self sabotage the worse your results get, the worse your results get the worse you tend to feel about yourself, the worse you feel about yourself the more self hatred you have, the more self hatred you have the LESS you want to wake up and so the more you resist it!

Notice that the weak link is “the worse your results get the worse you tend to feel about yourself”. By having self awareness and seeing through the scam and DON’T feel worse about yourself. EVERY vicious cycle depends on lack of awareness to perpetuate itself!!