Why The Evil Don’t Suffer for Their Actions

Why don’t the evil suffer the consequences of all their evil? Why don’t they get their bad karma?

Simple. The devil blocks the negative karma from being DECODED but it doesn’t go away. The devil lacks that power to get rid of the karma and even if it had it it wouldn’t use it as it uses this karma to blackmail its followers.

First it gets them to do evil I things for money, power, etc then it blackmails them with the evil they did to serve it! In other words, it keeps them in line by blackmailing them with the bad karma they got by serving it! Talk about diabolical!

It isn’t that the devil does anything bad to its followers, it simply unleashes some of its followers own karma on them. After all, evil is efficient. Why would it do extra work? This karma is what its disciples are terrified of. This is how people become a slave to their sins. This is why

“You are not punished FOR your sins but BY your sins.”

Further, it HAS to do this to function if you think about it. If it DIDN’T block them form decoding their own bad karma they would soon be so overwhelmed by it that its servants would soon be destroyed by it. After all, it ALWAYS comes down to mind control! After all, what is “block them form decoding”? It is mind control! A mind trick, as none are so more mind controlled than its followers

Further, it LIKES arbitrarily destroying its followers by unleashing their bad karma, which they got in service to him, on them. It terrified the rest and Just like a dictator like Stalin likes occasionally killing some of his best followers. It is the ultimate fun for him. As these dictators are its followers, it is actually a case of “as above, so below”. In fact sooner or later , it does it to ALL of its followers. It is just a matter of when. That, of course, is yet another secret it doesn’t share with its followers. They get lied to so much it is pathetic, especially the “higher” up you go.

The un-manifested bad karma is simply like a deferred high interest loan, something the elites are very familiar with. Like a loan the interest mounts up and up and up. A perfect analogy.

The elites think by getting your “consent” or by getting others to do their dirty work they are getting out of their own karma but they have been lied to in both cases. After all, none are so gullible as them. All the “consent” does is is get off paying it (deferring it) while getting others to do your dirty work simply copies the relevant bad karma onto them!

By the way, this is the REAL reason that they have to tell us what they are doing. It is REALLY so the evil doers can DEFER their own bad karma so they can carry out their evil but they beLIEve it is getting them out of it! Once again, talk about diabolical!