The Mother of All Evil: Lies

Pardon me for paraphrasing Saddam Husein of all people but his line “the mother of all” was just too good to pass up. Anyway, the origin of all evil is ACCEPTING LIES as true, then the lies leads to self hatred, and since the self hatred is based on a lie it is defended by ever more lies. Almost ceaseless layers of nested lies.

As you probably guessed, the lie that we beLIEve leads to self hatred. This is the genesis of the wound. The wound builds up endless layers of lies/ dis-empowering beliefs (look at that word “dis-empowering”- literally the LOSS of your won power! A little clue!).

Also, to protect and propagate the wound we have projection which results in evil actions and thus evil results. This also helps to allow others to believe the lies.

This was best show in the move “The Revenge of the Sith”, directed by George Lucas who knew quite a bit about these things. What a great example of the birth of evil! A total turning over to evil.

Notice the lie at 3 minutes that “seals the deal”. It is newly crowned Emperor Palatine lying to Darth Vader that he killed his wife when she wasn’t dead yet! It is when he ACCEPTS THE LIE AS TRUTH that his final descent is guaranteed. It occurs when he screams out “No” at about 3:40 in.

A few scenes before this is this heart rendering scene which made change my mind about the acting ability of Natalie Portman. It shows a man descending into pure evil via lies, rationalization and self hatred. In other words, IGNORING REALITY as Obi Wan wasn’t sleeping with Padme or trying to turn Padme against Anakim.

Also, he thinks that his power can save Padme when she was fine until then. Another lie form the Emperor. She died of a broken heart, literally which the Emperor covertly manipulated to happen unbeknownst to Anakim and Padme. It is how these things are done. Literally, lies with lies. Nested lies.