The Most Wondrous Game of All

Imagine the ULTIMATE virtual reality game. It is a game that is so “real” that you totally forget you are playing a game at all. Total immersion.

But it gets BETTER!!

You see in this game is a there is a SECOND virtual reality simulator. Because you think this game is EVEN BETTER than the first you start to play it.

You know what?

It is EVEN better!! It is SO GOOD that you forget that it is a virtual reality game. You get immersed in this game. You not only forget that it is virtual reality simulator you forget that you were PREVIOUSLY in a virtual reality game.

Guess what?

Yes, It gets EVEN better (I bet you are not surprised, are you)?

I bet you guessed why, didn’t you?

Of course you did!!

That’s right. There is a virtual reality game INSIDE of this 2nd order virtual reality.

I bet you guess what happens.

Of course you did!

You go inside of THIS game. Needless to say you TOTALLY forget that you are in yet another game- a virtual reality simulation of a virtual reality simulation of a virtual reality simulation. A 3rd order virtual reality game.

In other words, you are in a nested virtual reality game.

But it doesn’t stop here, my friend.

No, no, no!

Soon you are going into 4th, and a 5th order game, etc. At some point, God knows when, you come to THIS level of reality.

You see the story I just told you is no story. It is, I suspect, the REALITY of our current existence. We are in a deep level nested virtual reality game. We are in SO deep that we don’t even know how deep we are in!!

Think about it.

Not only is this physical level a virtual reality game but so is heaven, in fact ALL of the many levels of heaven until we reach the Supreme Entity (Infinite Love). It is just that the “higher” the level of heaven the lower the number of virtual reality game it is. So the highest heaven, just below the Absolute/ God/ Infinite Love/ Supreme Being, is the 1st order virtual reality game and the level next down from it is the 2nd order, etc.

Further, it goes without saying that if there are multiple levels of the physical they are all virtual reality games with the least physical being the lowest number and the most physical being the highest number.

Needless to say, all the levels of hell are ALSO virtual reality games until we reach the “bottom” of hell. It just that they have higher numbers (more nested) that the physical levels.

So I could summarize this by using arbitrary numbers we have:

Heavens: Virtual Reality Game Order Numbers 1 – 6
Physical: Virtual Reality Game Order Numbers 7 – 12
Hells: Virtual Reality Game Order Numbers 13 – 19

Now we can REALLY understand David Icke’s quote:

“Infinite Love is the only truth, everything else is just an illusion.”

“Infinite Love is the only truth” – Infinite love is the only thing that is permanent, eternal, infinite

“everything else is just an illusion” – a NESTED virtual reality game

We also can understand what is meant by David’s OTHER great quote on the subject:

“If it vibrates, it is an illusion”

In other words, if it vibrates it a virtual reality game, at some level. Presumably the “higher games” (the ones with the lowest virtual reality order numbers) are the longest lasting, perhaps because they vibrate the fastest. Probably because they have the most energy.

The opposite is also true. The SLOWER it vibrates the LOWER a virtual reality game (Matrix/ reality) it is, the less energy it has, the quicker it ends. The shorter it is.

Hence these “nested virtual reality games” can be categorized by their vibratory rates with the one closest to infinity being #1 and the one closest to zero being 19, to use my numbering system.

But doesn’t David say that the Infinite is stillness?

Yes, because when something vibrates infinitely fast it appears as if it not vibrating at all!! BECAUSE it vibrates infinite fast it is permanent and APPEARS to be totally still and unchangeable.

One final point: When people talk about “returning to God” they are mistaken. We can’t return because we NEVER left!! We just don’t REALIZE that because we are in a deep level hypnosis which corresponds to the level of the game we are currently in. How COULD we have left? There is NO WHERE ELSE TO GO TO!! If the Absolute is EVERYTHING were else could we go?

In other words, we are like the people in the pods in the 1st “Matrix” movie: we are living virtual reality lives but it is EVEN WORSE for us. We are living DEEP nested virtual reality lives!!
Why there is a “The Race to The Bottom”
Anyone who has studied the plans of the “elites” knows that there is no limit to how far down they want to take us. No matter how miserable we are, no matter how much death and destruction they have caused, no matter how bad things are, no matter how unfair the laws are, no matter how much they steal from us, no matter how much they brutalize us, they ALWAYS want things EVEN worse. There is no limit to how bad they want things for us.

There is a REASON for their ceaseless parasitism.

“Energy flows were attention goes”- In other words, our energy from the Creator is dissipated on whatever we focus on.

Since we are DEEP in a series of virtual reality (VR) simulations our attention is currently going into this VR simulation. In other words, our ENERGY is going into this VR simulation and more specifically whatever we are focusing on in this reality.

As explained in the first post, the deeper in the nested VR games we go the more hellish the environment, the more we are being parasitized. Presumably there is a bottom (“the hell of hells”), where we are being paratizied as much as possible. We are true zombies in this place. We are maximally enslaved and parsitized.

Now we know why the elites are trying to get us in a “race to the bottom”. The lower they get us the MORE they can parasitize us, steal our energy. Restated, the lower our “point of attention” (focus) the more they can steal from us. In other words, to get our focus ever lower and lower they have to ceaselessly pile ever more misery endlessly on us if we let them.
The Nested Trance/ Nested Hypnosis
Perhaps it is better to think of our situation as not being in a nested virtual reality game (Matrix) but in a nested trance. We are actually in a deep level trance, hence the term “waking up”. What we are doing is waking up from ONE level of trance to a slightly lower level of trance.

In other words, we have been subjected to “nested hypnosis”. You see, each level of the Matrix can be thought of as equivalent to at least one level of trance. So we are REALLY in a “hypnotic state of a hypnotic state of a hypnotic state, etc.”

One of the ways that we are more deeply hypnotized is by subliminals. Subliminals once successfully implanted in the subconscious allow us to DECODE an even deeper level of a hypnotic trance. In other words, we move form level 15 trance to level 16, where the higher the number the deeper (more Satanic) the trance.

This also explains why you often can’t get through to people no matter how hard you try. The simple truth is that they are in a deeper (more nested) level of trance than you! I suspect that in this world there are MANY levels of trance which is also how they “divide and rule”. Also, there might be people at the same level of trance who are played off against each other because they THINK they are opposite when they are REALLY oppo-sames, to use David’s word. Ex. black and white supremacists.

Restated to consciously experience God (the Absolute) we have to get TOTALLY out of the trance!! This is what correct meditation does. The first level trance is the one nearest to the Absolute.

Below is a video that explains some of this in more detail, courtesy of dolores1:
Nested Hypnosis leads to Nested Virtual Realities
I realized I made a basic error. I confused cause and effect. As we fall deeper and deeper into hypnosis we decode (experience) deeper and deeper (more nested) matrices (virtual realities). The hypnosis (cause) comes first THEN the virtual reality games (effect) follows.

In other words the GOAL is to get us into deeper and deeper levels of hypnosis so we will NATURALLY decode/ experience deeper and deeper (more nested, more evil) matrices. This is why the REAL goal is to get us into ever greater levels of hypnosis it is just that we experience this as our world getting more and more insane because we are into a deeper, more psychotic reality construct.
Saturn Transmissions
David Icke has written extensively about how our reality, the wave form/ thought form construct, comes through Saturn. Basically, Saturn is an inter dimensional gateway to the Archon worlds. It is through Saturn they project their thought forms through that we decode into the world we live in. They use Saturn because it was (and is) our real sun, our source of reality. Once gain, they can “distort not create”.

As I have written about these transmissions are nested. The deeper the level of nesting the deeper the trance you are in, the higher “up” you are, the more enslaved you are. Probably the mason initiation rituals (and similar rituals in other secret societies and mystery schools) actually activate the ability to decode these deeper levels.

Below is my explanation of how these transmissions (levels of hypnosis) are nested. The “tokens” I refer to are REALLY hypnotic keys. They are the triggers, the anchors which allow a deeper level of hypnosis. Hence the “elite” have many levels of nested hypnotic keys which allow them to decode the Saturn transmissions at a deep level until they real their final, inner most hypnotic key/ token. My new notes are in square bracket “[” and “]”.
Originally Posted by blackjack77
Simple. At the base level there are tokens [note: hypnotic keys] that are actually decoder keys to other levels. If your body/ mind is not properly tuned [this is why they are obsessed with genetics, this allows the proper tuning] to decode the key they appear meaningless or of little value. Once you decode using that key you are decoding a different level of the transmissions, which ALSO has decoder keys in it and so on. The bottom level is the communications designed for the very, very, very top.

One of the great things about it is that everyone thinks that they are getting the full story. They don’t realize that there are deeper levels of the transmissions that they don’t have access to. This way the same message can be apparently sent out to everyone but in reality it has different meanings to different people. Genius!

An analogy of this is a biblical story that has one meaning to the lay person, a second meaning to a priest, and no doubt additional meanings to those higher up the hierarchy. Another example of this is how Freemasons, no matter what level they are at, THINK they are getting the full truth about what Freemasonry is. Hah! This way you can lie and/ or give incomplete to 99.999%+ and they all think they know what is going on!

To be properly tuned you first need the POTENTIAL to be tuned. This potential comes from having the right bloodline (genetics). From there the tuning needs to be activated, probably through secret society initiation rituals.

This is really a followup to my thread on Bee Communication.

Saturn Transmissions & Bee Communications

That the Saturn Transmissions HAVE to be nested logically follows from the INHERENT nature of creation as explored in the post listed below.

To REALLY Understand the Conspiracy: 2. The Principle of Correspondence…post1061747658

Lastly, the nesting I just described is far and away the most efficient way of sending (or storing) as much information as possible. When you think about the ENORMOUS (beyond comprehension!) amount of information that has to be sent in them you realize this is the ONLY way it can be done. An analogy of this is the Mandelbrot set, a mathematical structure which has an almost infinite amount of information yet can be written in a few equations.

Do We Live in a Mandelbrot Set? (My Answer: Yes, I believe so)

Further, the information you get from a Mandelbrot set depends on where you zoom in on it. This “zooming in” is the equivalent of decoding a different level of the Saturn transmissions.

In effect, people with different roles and/ or different levels in the hierarchy are decoding different parts of the Mandelbrot set. Also, note that if you focus on the wrong spot the decoding of deeper levels stops. Why? Because you hit a black area where no further decoding is possible. It is not at the boundary conditions where all of the intricate patterns arise from. To better understand what I am saying, please watch the following video.

Mandelbrot Set Zoom

Since the “Hive Mind” is probably, at least physically, a Quantum Super- Super Mega Computer this nesting is also how, not surprisingly, Qunatum computers work. They work by de-tangling (decoding) quantum entanglement (encoded). In other words, the information is encoded (nested) by quantum entanglement and decoded (de-nested) by quantum de-entanglement. Once again, the same principle at work under a different name.

Is Satan a Supercomputer?

Lastly, as the universe ITSELF is a probably a quantum super-super computer itself this also fits because the Archons can only “distort, not create”. They HAVE to hack a quantum supercomputer simulation with another quantum supercomputer simulation! They have NO CHOICE if they are to parasitize us!

The Universe is a Training Simulation

Entire existence just a simulation?

We live in a computer simulation say scientists


Since this world is an illusion (Matrix/ Virtual Reality Construct) and they control us through technology, how do they do it? Simple. They use deception to trick us into decoding it into effectiveness, mostly subconsciously. This is one of the reasons their rule is a “rule of deception”.

Further, the deeper the hypnosis the more effective the technology becomes. The opposite is also true. The lighter the hypnosis the LESS effective their technology becomes. This is why a Harvard psychologist, who later called himself Ram Dass, could give large amounts of LSD to mystics in India and it had no effect.

Below is the way I explained it in a previous thread.
Originally Posted by blackjack77
David often talks about how we are controlled by technology that we don’t know exists. How does that work?

Simple [It always is!]. Technology that we don’t know exists is still unconsciously decoded by us and thus it still affects us. Since we can only be affected by things we decode, we HAVE to decode the information at some level for it to affect us. THAT is how it can be used against us without us being aware of its existence.

You see, as David talks about and mainstream science backs up, we only decode a tiny portion of the information that comes at us every second. Actually and more accurately we only CONSCIOUSLY decode a tiny portion of the information we receive. But we decode both consciously AND consciously.

The subconscious mind decodes the rest. This is why it has been often noted that our subconscious records everything. It does because it decodes everything.

Basically, the technology we don’t know exists works by being in the range we subconsciously decode. This way the Archons get the best of both worlds. They get technology that works against us and since we don’t consciously decode it, we don’t know it exists so we can’t defend ourselves against it.

Further, the amount we decode in totality is determined by the frequency range that we do the decoding in. We can only decode in the frequency range we are tuned into. That frequency range is, of course, a dimension or a reality. So parallel universes are simply realities on different frequency bands.
In other words, they NEED to deceive us, especially SUBCONSCIOUSLY, so they can get their technology to work on us. They need to deceive us so that we will be CONSCIOUSLY (but not in reality) be cut off from our power and also so we will give away even the power we still have consciously left. A lot of this subconscious deception is done via secretly implanted hypnotic keys/ subliminals put into the subconscious as described in the “Holographic Disclosure” video above.
Keys & Anchors
We decode this level of reality into existence by nested keys, going into ever deeper trance states into (virtual/ experianced/ decoded) reality. Further, each state has keys in it to help you decode even deeper level or levels.

Have you ever wondered why they are called hypnotic KEYS? Keys to WHAT? Other realities! This is why keys are key. In other words keys are the most important thing in opening the locked door to a new reality. And how do you open a locked door? With a key. This was all carefully thought out in the language. NONE of this is a coincidence.

Also, why it is also called ANCHORS? Anchors, like a boat ANCHOR, keep you in place. And can drag you down like a ship that is ANCHORED to the bottom of the sea and that can’t escape a storm and goes down.